Stylish spectacles with clever magnetic polarised sunglass clip-ons.

Convertibles Eyewear

Fusing sophisticated design with creative technology, style, comfort and UV protection, the Convertibles range sets the standard for contemporary, functional eyewear. With dynamic styling and innovative design techniques, the 2016 Convertibles range delivers a superb selection of high quality eyewear. Elegant contours and engaging colours feature strongly throughout the range with beautifully executed, decorative details.

About Convertibles

Utilising state of the art design solutions and patented technology, the micro magnetic pads and detachable sunglass lenses are both practical and convenient. The lenses are light and comfortable, and the magnetic pads allow for simple yet secure attachment. A slim, detachable sleeve offers safe protection when not in use. You’ll never need to be without your sunglasses again.

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We stock a wide range of Convertibles for both men and women

We have access to the full Convertibles range for both men and women. So please feel free to contact us and order yours.

Convertibles eyewear